New Packaging!

New Packaging!

We have new packaging for our bar soap!

display of soap in brightly coloured packages


faces of man and woman smiling with the words "we make soap together"

 We began selling soap with a simple cigar band label  printed at home on white cardstock. We cut these bands  ourselves and attached them to the soap with a white sticker. The sticker had a hand drawing (by Caroline) of Simon and Caroline’s face and the words We make soap together. These labels served us well and we both have a fondness for its simple message.


But this year we wanted to freshen our look and packaging. We worked with a graphic designer to find a family of eye-catching colours and a design that highlights the unique swirl that Simon creates in our bar soap.

colourful packages of soap colourful packages of soap that read "we make soap together"


We’ve asked our printer to add score lines. These lines, similar to what you would find in a greeting card, create a clean and crisp fold. Using a guide like a ruler, Simon is able to fold the labels consistently. 

hands folding cardstock with score line   hands fold cardstock with ruler as a guide


We’ve included our business story on the inner wrap so people who a little more about who made the soap and why we make soap together.


The process took a lot of time and work, but it was worth it!


woman and man stand beside clear boxes of packaged soap

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