About Us

A man with Down syndrome smiles holding a box of pottery ramekins

This is Simon. Simon is a cool guy. Active and always ready to lighten the mood with a gentle prank or joke, he is fun to be around and I am lucky to be his sister. Simon has developmental disability called Down Syndrome, which means he needs support to learn new things. But once he has learned a task he is a reliable worker.

As a lifelong DIYer, I began to teach Simon how to make soap. After many test batches that we shared with family and friends it became clear that Simon is a star soap maker and that he is proud of the soap we make together.

Simon and Caroline prepare soap mold with paper liner Caroline and Simon pour mixed soapCaroline watches Simon show off cut soap bars

What if we could build a business that produces high quality artisanal soap products and gives Simon a sense of purpose, dignity, and a small income? What if we could grow our business to give other people like Simon the same opportunities?

Simon’s Soapbox is a business committed to making high quality soap and recognizing and celebrating the contributions of people with developmental disabilities.

- Caroline Short, (Simon's sister)