Simon's Soapbox

Simon’s Soapbox is an artisanal soap company that is committed to making high-quality soaps with carefully chosen ingredients such as shea butter, olive oil, and essential oils.

Our mission is to demonstrate the value of people with and without developmental disabilities working together. 

cream bar of soap with a yellow swirl below a yellow and white package that reads "Simon's Soapbox Sunshine"

Bar Soap

We love Shea Butter! We love it so much we formulated our body soap around this nourishing butter from Ghana. We are proud to use fair trade Shea Butter in our scented soap bars.

Shea Butter Body Bar Soap

Solid Dish Soap

A simple, hardworking soap for washing dishes. This coconut oil soap sits pretty in ramekins handmade here in New West at the PotteryWorks Studio.

Solid Dish Soap

September 28 6:30-8:30 pm

Roll up your sleeves and let's make bath bombs together

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