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Let us show you how we make soap together – April 25 demonstration

When we talk together about business and products, one persistent question comes up - how do you two make soap together?

We answer that question in different ways. Caroline may use a lot of words and invite people to follow us on social media. Simon may use his iPad touch chat app to explain some steps or use a gesture to demonstrate how we mix or cut the soap. We do our best to help people understand how we work as team.

Last month we hosted a Curiko experience on soap making. (You can learn more about Curiko here). Because this experience was virtual we were able to use our regular workspace which doesn’t have much space for an audience. With the help of Sarah from Curiko we were able to do a live stream demonstration of how we make our lavender shea butter bar soap.

While we measured, mixed, and poured the soap, Sarah helped host the zoom meeting. She manoeuvred the camera so people could see what we were doing. Since we were busy with the soap making process and were wearing our gloves and safety goggles, it was great to have Sarah pass along comments and questions from the participants on zoom so we could share our knowledge and experience.

While we were waiting for the oils to heat up, we enjoyed some soap jokes from participants like this one

Q. Why do pirates always carry a bar of soap?
A. So if they go overboard they can wash up on shore.

Looking for a bar of soap in case you go overboard? Check out our shea butter soap bars here.

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