man in green shirt drink from a mug that reads "keep calm and carry on"

Keep Calm and Carry On Together

man in blue shirt and woman in cream shirt stand behind a soap display looking at each other


The last two weeks of August were a bit of a whirlwind for Simon’s Soapbox. We did a soap making livestream event and 3 markets in a two week stretch. Markets are quite a bit of work. We need to check our inventory, load the vehicle, unload, set up our table (maybe a tent), meet customers and answer questions, then pack up the car and unload it again. Repeat. Some markets are busy, some are quiet. We do it all together.

That is the whole point of our business. We are a brother and sister team who make (and sell) soap together.

As we prepared and executed this whirlwind of events, I checked in with Simon several times.

“Wow, so many markets, we are busy, is this too much?”

And each time, Simon said “No, good.”

I am grateful for Simon’s steady work.

Sometimes markets are slow, sometimes they are busy. We march on together.

At the We Belong Market, a volunteer made Simon a cup of tea. I marvel at the simple and gentle gesture of being offered a cup of tea. Yes please! They pulled out this mug from the Marpole Neighbourhood House Kitchen cupboard and boiled water.

“Keep calm and carry on” the mug reads. I take this as a theme for our two week stretch of busy events. As we prepare for fall and holiday markets, we will continue to check in with each other to make sure we are marching forward together.

For whatever lies ahead for you this fall, may you have peace and patience with yourself and those around you.

man in green shirt drinks from a pink mug with words "keep calm and carry on"

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