Why Markets Matter

Why Markets Matter

We were slow to join the market circuit when we first started our business. We were selling online and to friends and family and that was working for us. But in the Spring of 2022 The Down Syndrome Resource Foundation invited us to the Run UP for Down Syndrome in June 2022. We were blown away by the support and encouragement we received on that rainy June Sunday morning. We were hooked.

Since then, we have participated in many different craft markets and farmers markets. We’ve been inside and we’ve been outside. We have had busy markets and slow markets. Each market has brought moments of joy and learning.

Markets are opportunities to meet other businesses. Here is a photo of us with BU Candles by Jacob who we met at the 2022 We Belong Festival. Meeting other businesses is fun but also leads to fun collaborations, like our soap and candle sets.

Four people stand together outside Canada Place in downtown Vancouver

Markets are opportunities to work and spend time together. Whether it is setting up, taking down, or helping customers, we do it together. Below is a photo of Simon securing our tent before an outdoor market.

A man wraps tent weights around a tent pole

Markets are the key place we meet our customers and see how they value the soap we make together. Below is a photo of us talking to customers at an outdoor market.

Two women stand with their backs to the camera while Simon and Caroline answer questions

For our first makers we worked hard to develop communication supports for Simon. Some people have trouble understanding Simon’s speech. We used laminated sheets with images and text that Simon could use to support his explanations. As we gain more experience with markets, some of these communication supports are falling away because Simon and I are learning to anticipate the questions our customers ask. I’m proud of the ways Simon has grown in the past year, especially in his confidence presenting our products.

We bring Simon’s iPad along to help with any communication blocks. This app has many words that Simon can easily find to supplement his verbal communication.

man in yellow jacket and woman in teal jacket stand behind table of soap products

Moments of connection are why markets matter to us. We enjoy spending the time together as siblings. We enjoy connecting with other businesses. We enjoy meeting our customers.

woman and man with glasses smiling under a white tent

We hope to see you at one of our upcoming markets.

See our market schedule here.
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