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Dish Soap Ramekin - Blue glaze

Dish Soap Ramekin - Blue glaze

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This solid dish soap is made with 100% coconut oil using the cold process method. Rub a wet brush, sponge, or cloth on the soap to create lather and get cleaning. A nice solution for cleaning those last two dishes that don't fit in the dish washer.

This soap sits in a ramekin made by the fantastic artists at PotteryWorks. The ramekin is handmade and hand painted and so you can expect each one to be unique.

This ramekin has a blue glaze.

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8cm wide and 5.5cm tall

Care Instructions

Give the dirty dish a quick rinse. Wet a small stiff dish brush, sponge or cloth & rub the dish soap to create lather.

Scrub that dish clean and rinse.

If water collects in the ramekin, dump it out - the soap will last longer if it is able to dry between uses.

Refill kitchen soaps are available in our shop.

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Customer Reviews

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Beautiful useful item

These little ramekins look lovely but are also very useful and practical. Your solid soap is always ready to go while adding to the esthetic charm of your dishwashing area. They make a lovely gift for the person who has everything and is trying to make some truly eco friendly changes in their home